Warehouse Relocations

Warehouse move projects can be very complicated and tasking. If it is poorly handled, it can have a terrible effect on the progress and activities of any business. But we feel glad to tell you that we will deliver quality service warehouse relocation project planning to you ensuring that the downtime is greatly minimized. We know the importance of warehouse moving. This is why we first plan it before executing the task. Moving warehouse stock and racking is not like any other type of move and the importance of planning cannot be over stressed. The success of the entire exercise depends on how it is planned. This is why we have established a reliable warehouse move planning team made of professionals in the industry. They will apply their experience and knowledge in working out an effective moving strategy for you. The members of our planning team have been trained to work as a team or with any group. So, they will cooperate with your staff when working out the right moving strategy for you and your staff.

Definitely, you will want your business to continue during the relocation period. Our warehouse movers and project managers and experts will take that into consideration when planning your relocation. Strategies on how to ensure maximum productivity during the move will be pointed out.

Moving a warehouse can be a trying moments for the staff of the business that is moving. So, when planning a move, our professionals do not overlook the need of your staff. If you are relocating your staff as well, they are capable of developing effective warehouse moving plans for your staff. So, there is no need to worry or entertain any fear about their well-being during the move.

Are you looking to move warehouse to a new location within the United States or overseas with better business opportunities? If the answer to the above question is yes, then you should take advantage of our warehouse relocation services. There are various reasons why a business may decide to move warehouse to another town or city or country. But whatever your reason is, we are there to serve you no matter how big or small.

Our warehouse relocation services are not only limited to the United States. We pride ourselves on providing international warehouse relocation services. As one of the leading international warehouse movers in the USA, we are capable of moving warehouses to France, Germany Spain, Belgium, Holland, Portugal and to other various countries in Europe as well as to other continents including Australia, China, Japan, South Africa, Dubai, India, Canada, New Zealand and other African nations. Just tell our where you will want your warehouse to be relocated and our experts will work out an efficient plan for you

We offer wide range of services related to warehouse relocations. Our services include but not limited to the following:

  • developing the moving strategy which takes into consideration the need of your customers, identifies critical machinery and establish timeliness for their downtime
  • Warehouse racking moversdisassembly and packing of equipment
  • unpacking and reassembling of equipment at the new site
  • moving of heave machinery and equipment
  • dismantling of pallet racking
  • reassembling of pallet racking at the new site
  • specialised crating and packing
  • warehousing services
  • disconnecting and re-installation of servers and it equipment

We also offer warehouse storage services. In case you have some goods in stock that you will want to keep in your new warehouse but it is not yet completed to your satisfaction, you can keep the goods in our storage facilities. We have storage facilities in various areas of the United States. We also provide distribution and storage in many countries that we provide our warehouse moving services to. We are quite aware that various goods and products have various storage needs.

Thus we have acquired various types of storage containers and properly equipped our storage facilities to meet the storage needs of any goods. If your goods are temperature sensitive, we have the necessary facility for their storage. We have ventilated containers for items that require ventilation for their storage.

Hill's Commercial Services will deliver your goods any time you want them and on time. We don’t have any records of delays in our history. You can check our reviews or ask other people that have used our services before. We know that time is precious and that it means a lot in business and thus we will do everything possible to meet deadline in our services. Our services are highly affordable. We don’t have any hidden prices. All our service charges are contained in our quote. You can rely on any quote you receive from us.